Hello, I was wondering if anyone might be able to provide me with some tips when writing a letter asking for sponsorship. This letter is probably going to have to be generic, so that it can be sent to several different local businesses. It will be appealing for the donation of some funds to help send members of the local Pony Club (a national organization dedicated to youth, horsemanship, sportsmanship, and leadership, see www.ponyclub.org for more info) to compete in the USPC National Championships.

Our club is new to the region, but is making great strides in competitions, which is why three members have qualified for Nationals. However, the entry fee alone is $300 per rider, and most families in our club are not rich by any stretch of the imagination. As you can see, we would very much like any help that could be given by local businesses to sponser our riders. However, having never written a letter of this sort, I was hoping some of you here might have some tips of what to do and not to do.

Thank you very much!
Hi, this is a guide to writing a sponsorship letter for sports. I’ve modified it a bit, but the principles should provide a good starting point:
Insert Date

Joe Bloggs Esq
Marketing Director
Widgets International Ltd
Works Way

Dear Mr Bloggs

Re: Sponsorship of www.ponyclub.org

As the sponsorship coordinator of www.ponyclub.org I wondered if your company would be interested in financially helping some of our riders compete in the USPC National Championships. As one of the leading clubs in the region we have a long track record of excellence both in competition and the administration of our sport. The team has only recently been formed but has already made a significant impact on the national stage. We anticipate the team will be

I am writing to you because Widgets International Ltd's products would appeal to many, if not all of our players and spectators. Sponsorship of our riding team would raise the profile of Widgets International amongst over x potential customers. In return for your investment in the team Widgets International would receive the following benefits:

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. If I may, I will phone your office in the next few days to arrange a convenient time to discuss the details of this proposed partnership.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Other
Sponsorship Co-ordinator

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Hello, I was wondering if anyone could provide some tips for writting a sponsorship letter. This letter will be sent to several businesses, so it will have to be pretty basic. It will be asking for sponsorships or donations to the Pi Kappa Alpha, Gulf Coast Alumni Association Golf Tournament.

We are a newly formed organization,with approxiametly 70 members. I have never written a letter of sort before, and I'm overwhelmed by such a task. If anyone could help me, it would be very appreciated.

Jody Bond
Our team is looking for sponsors to help with Basketball tournaments and associated costs, uniform purchasing, etc. We are a newly formed team that will be competitive at the National level and we help underprivileged young boys ages 13-14.
Dear Guest,

i just received a letter asking for a donation for the National MS Society. The letter had this sort of format:

Dear Friend,

I have been selected by Pi Kappa Alpha to be the corporate sponsor representative for the Pi Kappa Alpha Gulf Coast Alumni Association Golf Tournament of 2004. Pi Kappa Alpha is a group of professionals who....blah blah blah. With this honor, I have accepted the responsibility of raisining money to support the Gulf Coast Chapter. I have a very ambitious personal goal of $10,000 that i want to raise for the cause. Please join me in this endeavor.

The Pi Kappa Alpha GCAA is...blah blah blah (talk about what you do for the community, etc. on a national level, then perhaps a second paragraph on your contributions locally)

I hope that you will help sponsor me in the PKA GCAA Golf Tournament.

Enclosed is a pledge card witha returen addressed envelope for your convenience. (Or I will follow up with you by phone in a few days....) (if you send a pledge card make sure to include what checks should be made payable to) If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at _______. I look forward to hearing that you will participate with me in this worthwhile project.


Jody Bond

This is how the letter was formatted for the most part-i thought it was quite convincing-i donated my money!

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You're awesome! Thank you very much.


You're welcome, I hope it was helpful. Sorry about all those typos! LOL


I'm preparing of a concert not big as concert held in astroudom,its like a gym.This concert is a christian concert "concert for a cost" for helping to build a new church. We are asking of financial support for our transportaion fee,food,and others that need a money.

I would be grateful if you can send a sponsorship letter morethan 1 letter.GOD is a good GOD coz there someone like you to share your talent and helping those who need it.GOD will bless you more.....

Ask a favor can you send me as soon as possible.

Thanl you very much, GOD BLESS.

Yours sincerly,
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There have been a few sponsorship letters written recently. Have a look and see what you can find. When you have written your first draft, come back and post it here and we'll help to you improve it.

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