hi everybody ,well......uuh can someone help me telling me the meaning of " a race against time"; planning ahead ; the day's game plan (think of sport); and quality time (versus "quantity time") .
well , i will thank you if you help me with this phrases, thank you.
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Hi Luis,

Welcome to English Forums. A word of warning-- 'urgent' is not a good thread title; we come here when we can, and we look for meaningful subjects to deal with, like 'sports idioms'.

a race against time-- a rush to finish an activity because a critical deadline is fast approaching. 'It was a race against time to finish my homework before my favorite TV show began.'

planning ahead -- preparing or scheduling carefully for future events and activities. 'You should plan ahead in order to use your time productively and efficiently.'

the day's game plan -- the schedule, agenda or itinerary for the day. 'Today's game plan is to go shopping in the morning and get a haircut after lunch.'

quality time -- time spent doing something (usually with someone) constructive, rewarding, of rich emotional value, and at an unhurried pace. 'I try to spend some quality time with my son each weekend, because I don't see him much during the week.' (There is no idiom, "quantity time". )
Good afternoon Mr Micawber ,well, here is afernoon . this is Luis and first af all I really want to thank you for your help , you have helped me a lot , however , I'll be sending more expresion so that you can help me , because i think i found my ciberteacher , in other words ,you .Now i ask you , would you like to be my teacher?
and on the other hand i feel embarrased for the way I asked for help Emotion: embarrassed orEmotion: embarrassed

well , i just wan to thank you again for your help

see you Sir
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one thing more , what do you mean by sport "words" or Emotion: tongue tied , thank you .
Happy to help, Luis-- all of us are happy to help you here if we can. This is the purpose of English Forums, so feel free to ask what you will.

By 'sports' words, I simply meant that a couple of your idioms seem to have sports as their sources-- a 'race', a 'game plan'.
Hi Emotion: smile orEmotion: smile,how are you today .Well , I'm back with more phrases for you to help me , pleaaaasee, here they are:
please give me some examples to get a better understanding , thank you.

"stressed out in a strange land " ; "wearing look-alike used ski jackets donated by a religiuos charity" ; " outdated pizzas" ; "overwhelming high-rises " ; "a long cherished memory " ; "stock market" and "land is sacred"

I will really apreciate your help , thank you again
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A couple of these are pretty strange, Luis. Are they from The New Yorker or a news magazine? It is hard to judge precise meanings without the context:

"stressed out in a strange land " -- perhaps word-play on the title of a famous science fiction novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, this means 'under stress or emotional pressure in a foreign country or unfamiliar environment'.

"wearing look-alike used ski jackets donated by a religiuos charity" -- 'dressed in similar jackets of such poor style and condition that they look as if they were received as a gift of charity'.

"outdated pizzas" -- no idea; 'stale pizzas'? 'pizzas with out-of-fashion toppings'?

"overwhelming high-rises " -- 'many very tall apartment buildings'.

"a long cherished memory " -- 'a well-loved memory from long ago'.

"stock market" -- this should be in your dictionary, Luis. 'The place (exchange) or financial area in which stocks or shares (fractional ownership in companies, commodities, etc) are sold.'

"land is sacred" -- physical land (forests, prairies, mountains, whatever) is holy, and should not be desecrated, damaged, or perhaps even bought and sold.
Hello Mister Micawber and don't worry for the phrases you could not define , or were not sure ,however thank you for the help anyway. Now I have some phases to define , these are :

-supermarket garbage bin
- a throwaway society
- loose-leaf binder
- farmer stoop
- anticipate counter (opposing) arguments
-well publicized extintion
-once-isolated people ,0 and
- "sticks and stones may break my bones ,but names will never hurt me"

thank you very much Mr. Micawber
It would be a good idea to submit your phrases along with their sentences, so that we can get a better understanding of how they are used, Luis.

-supermarket garbage bin -- a large metal container used to dispose of supermarket trash (cardboard boxes, outdated and spoiled food, vegetable tailings, etc.)

- a throwaway society -- a culture which is not concerned with conserving natural resources, recycling, etc. but throws away a lot of materials that could be used better.

- loose-leaf binder-- a notebook with a spine which can be opened to insert or remove individual sheets of paper.

- farmer stoop -- perhaps the posture assumed by those who must work hard every day at agricultural labour, hoeing, plowing, etc.

- anticipate counter (opposing) arguments -- expect someone to argue against one (and prepare an answer).

-well-publicized extinction -- well-known disappearance (of an animal or plant species, probably)

-once-isolated people -- a population which formerly had little or no contact with other humans.

- "sticks and stones may break my bones ,but names will never hurt me" -- I am not bothered by your threats , protests or epithets.
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