(1) Does "spot" mean "hot water" below?

TiVo, the company that makes the digital-video-recorder boxes that inspire such strange idolatry among their users, is in a weird spot. It's asking the Federal Communications Commission for permission to add a new feature -- the option for a TiVo user to send recorded digital TV programs via the Internet to nine other people.

The NFL says that TiVo's Internet-sharing feature will allow people to send game broadcasts to blacked-out viewers in real time (a team's home game can be aired locally only if it sells out beforehand).

Blacked-out viewers? I know one of the definitions for "black-out" is that it means " to stop broadcast because of strike", but it seems not fit to here.
"Spot" here means a situation, especially a troublesome one. "Hot water" means trouble or difficulty, so you could say that's what it means.

To black out is to withhold a televised event or program from a broadcast area.
They blacked out the football game on local stations.
They will black out the entire state to increase ticket sales for the game.

Blacked-out is the adjective form.
Got it now.