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I have been asked to deliver a welcome speech for the school annual function where many dignitaries will be coming.
Can someone help me out with an excellent speech.

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First try yourself.
BijondhanbadI have been asked to deliver a welcome speech for the school annual function where many dignitaries will be coming.
Can someone help me out with an excellent speech.


What is this annual function? Should you be describing what it is about, who takes part, what is achieved?

Who are your guests and do they have anything to do with the school? If so, should you acknowledg that?

This may help you: http://www.write-out-loud.com/planningyourspeech.html

As you write each paragraph, post it for comment.
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The occassion is a school annual function in which a new school building will be inaugurated, meritorious students of the previous year will be felicitated. These will be followed by a dance drama with a message/moral.

The audience consists of local dignitaries and parents of the students. Expected gathering of 1000 people.

OK. Try to write something. Then post it, and we will help you with comments.

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some dance programmes are there some diginity of the city are coming in the function
hai,welcome one and all for the 6th annual day celebration in -yor school name.first of all i give a hearty welcome to the-district collector,parents and lovely childrens.its a great pleasure for us to present a grand function on behalf of secretary principal and teachers.-then you just say the content of the programm.once again i give a heatry welcome to one and all present here
Its a general school annual day function. here as correspondent of the school have to be mention about the problems facing by the management due to late payment of fees, lacking understanding of illiterate parents in allowing the their children in the other extra curricular activities, non-pursuation of their children's academic performance etc. Despite of all the effort and achievement of school in bringing the good academic results.

Guests are a police officer, Spl Govt. pleader, T.V. artiste and an educationist. They have nothing to do with the school. No.
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