Hi guys,

Can you please explain me what kind of event "Spring Social" is? I had been digging though the internet for almost half an hour and I didn't find an direct answer...:-(((. Please is that some kind of student party thrown on a Spring? Or it is an event thrown by the citizens of the particular town in order to welcome the Spring?...That'd be nice tradition..:-)). Or it is just an common expression for the event thrown by the particular group of people?

Many thanks in advance.

Nice weekend to all.

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Yes, it's in the spring. It may or may not be to welcome spring. It could be a dance, a party, a general gathering. It could be an annual event by a particular group, particularly a charitable one. Many uses.
Philip.... Many uses.

Hm, that may be the reason why I didn't find an clear answer on it....Many thanks Philip.