For education systems to catch up with the speed and the breadth of change, employers would have to agree on the definition of these skills and be part of the conversation around standards setting. In successful countries such as Germany and Switzerland, employers are important players in curriculum settings. The concern raised by certain employers about possible talent poaching and specific skills as part of their trade secret will only leave everyone to stand to lose. In the case of Massachusetts, employers were part of the design of the curriculum that gives students the right set of skills and employers the kind of talent that will help their companies grow.

Source: Hard Questions on Educational Change, by Pasi Sahlberg, Jonathan Hasak, and Vanessa Rodriguez
I've looked up for "stand to lose" and found:
1. (thefreedictionary.com) To have a high likelihood of losing or being deprived of something.
2. (collinsdictionary) to be in a specified position.

But non of them could help me to get the meaning in the above-mentioned sentence.
So, what does it mean here?

Thank you.

Bahareh M1. (thefreedictionary.com) To have a high likelihood of losing or being deprived of something.

It means this. However, the phrase "leave everyone to stand to lose" seems unusual to me, and also the middle part about "specific skills as part of their trade secret" does not flow properly or make proper sense. To me it feels as if the sentence could have been written by a non-native speaker.

Bahareh M2. (collinsdictionary) to be in a specified position.

They mean this as a definition of "stand", not "stand to lose". They give a sentence that uses the phrase "stand to lose" as an example.

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Bahareh MSo, what does it mean here?

They are trying to say that something will result in a precarious situation as regards the efficacy of education. The sentence says that that something is concern. This is a pretty good example of corporate duckspeak by a Finn disappearing up himself. Try to forget you saw it. It is not exactly English as we know it. Nobody thinks they need a copyeditor until it's too late.

Thank you so much.

Thank you.

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