I have no idea how to translate "dar comienzo" into English, would "give start to.." work? Is that English or Spanglish? Emotion: sad

I want to say something like "When Madrid rose up, it gave start to a war" - I know, it sounds horrible..

Thanks in advance!
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initiated a war
instigated a war
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In what way did Madrid rise up? Was it in bed taking a siesta? Emotion: smile
to give a start is not English. How about just to start? Madrid started a war.
Somehow, I don't think that's what you mean, though. Don't you mean that Madrid's actions [caused / gave rise to / led to] a war?
Thank you for the answers!

CJ - A siesta? Emotion: big smile

I was trying to translate something into English.

I thought that "to rise up" meant "sublevarse" - You know Spanish, don't you? Emotion: smile

I wanted to say "El levantamiento de Madrid dio comienzo a la guerra de la independencia.."
The rising of Madrid started the war for independence?

The elevation of Madrid's status sparked the war for independence?
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Maybe the uprising or the insurrection of Madrid?
Does that mean that Madrid's uprising/insurrection made the independence war start?
PuccaEl levantamiento de Madrid dio comienzo a la guerra de la independencia..
I would translate this as
The war for independence began with the Madrid uprising. (You can substitute of for for. You can substitute started for began. You can substitute insurrection for uprising.)
The uprising in Madrid set off the war of independence.
The Madrid uprising set the war of independence into motion.

I'm sure there are other possibilities, and both the style and other text before and after this sentence might also affect your choices, but that's the basic idea.
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