Can I say,

I am going to start my department at X University in September.

What words can I use other than "start" in this sentence ? Can I use "begin" for example?
You need a different expression. Are you a student, a professor, or the janitor?

To "start a department" would often mean to create or build a new department.

"My department" would often mean you're the head of the department.

In September I'm going to start / begin taking / teaching classes in the Zoology department.

I'm going to start my classes at X University in September.

I'm enrolled in the department of Psychology at X University to begin classes in September.

(I don't know if "dept." should be capitalized in this case.)

- A.
Cookiemonsterstart my department
I think department is the wrong word because this makes no sense. Are you trying to say that you will be starting your studies?
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Thank you very much Avangi! I had difficulty finding the right expression and finally ended up with this totally awkward sentence.I just can't help thinking in my native language.There is still a long way to go.
By the way I'm a student but now some people think I am the head of the department or something.
Hi CJ,

Yes, by using the word "department" I meant my studies.I just shortened it, I think.
For example; Department of Chemistry. Couldn't I say "I'm going to start my studies in the Department of Chemistry in September."?
CookiemonsterI'm going to start my studies in the Department of Chemistry in September.
Perfect. Emotion: smile
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Thank you so much CJ!