Hello everyone, May I ask your help for an exam ? I'm currently a French student and I will sit to the "First Certificate in English" at the end of the year. We have a Speaking test, a debate, during which we are strongly recommended being courteous. Thus, the teacher has given us a sentence to start which is "Shall I start ?" BUT if everyone is using the same sentence, the Jury would be exhausted of these repeats. Would you mind helping me finding a courteous phrase to stand out as soon as I start ?


Good morning, members of the jury.

Thank you for the opportunity for me to participate in this debate.

Please, is it now my turn to speak?

skynnimenWe have a speaking test, a debate, during which we are strongly recommended being advised to be courteous.
Thus, the teacher has given us a sentence to start with, which is "Shall I start?"

I'm lost. Someone on the jury should say "You may begin" when it's time for you to do your speech. How does a debate fit into this plan? Will there be another student there with whom you will have to debate a preassigned topic? Is this a question of which of you should speak first? If so, maybe you could say one of these if no one on the jury tells you how to proceed.

Who would you like to go first?
Would you like me to go first?


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Hello AlpheccaStars,
Thank you for your answer
Can you just explain to me the mean of "Please" in this sentence ? I don't really get it's mean because I am accustomed saying it in order to ask someone's help.

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skynnimenCan you just explain to me the meaning of "Please" in this sentence ?

Yes, it is a short form for "Please tell me." You are asking for information.

It is very common to abbreviate this to just "please."

Yes, there will be another student whom I will debate with, this is why I ask for a starting phrase to stand out. I hadn't been clear enough in my post.
These phrases fit in my request, but unfortunately we can find them in our book, so I guess all students will use them.
I am searching for uncommon courteous starting phrases in order to stand out.

Also thank you for your answer and your correction.

Thank you for your answer AlpheccaStars

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Generally, the starting point in a debate will be a summary of the debate question and your position. There is not one set phrase that a good debater uses; however, there are good standard openings. Usually, you acknowledge the jury before the opening statement.


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