I have a problem with starting development paragraphs in my essays.

I get bored to use firstly, secondly,or anyway things like that.

I know it is not neccessary to shout out this is my first paragraph or second and so on but i dont know what else could one use instead of them.I write with no shouting and directly start to talk about the issue however i am waiting for your advices. what do you advice me about starting devlopment paragraphs?
You might want to start with a topic sentence and develop it with supporting facts. I think you might have heard this before. 'Firstly, secondly ...' are really boring.
why don't u try to use trasition phrases such as: another way, in addition, moreover, etc.
but remember, when to use them depending on the context. and they often come in groups (of transition phrases).
u can learn a lot of transition signals and how to use them if u have a look at "writing academic english". it's very useful.Emotion: wink
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Eliminate the pronoun "I" from beginning most if not all sentences, even if you have to put the predicate first on an appropriate occasion