Can you please explain all 'stash your Fazzly catching gear'?

Mom: Your dad and I need to get the hotel ready for the guests. Why don't you explore? Maybe you'll find A Fuzzly friend.

Father: And if you're going to explore, you're gonna need this!

Girl: A watch?

Father: A special watch! It controls all sorts of things. Check this out.

(when the father touch the watch a passage reveals)

Girl: A secret passage!

father: Great place to stash your Fazzly catching gear

Abby Hatcher

Tara2find A Fuzzly friend.

The second instance was supposed to be Fuzzly, not Fazzly.

Tara2Great place to stash your Fuzzly catching gear.

~ This is good place for you to store the tools you use for catching Fuzzlies.


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Sorry so 'grear' mean 'prepare, adjust, or equip for a particular purpose or need'?

And 'smash' means 'store'?


Gear (noun) means "equipment" or "tools". A common collocation is "Fishing gear" = rods, reels, line, hooks, bait, buckets, nippers, and what all.


stash (verb) = to hide, secrete, put into storage for safekeeping.

Robbers stash their loot in secret places.

stash (noun) = items in that place.

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