More than 15 years have passed since its first patent was sought, and Solatube has demonstrated an unrivaled commitment to state-of-the-art technology and design. The future looks even brighter for Solatube with several new products currently in development. By continuing to improve upon the oldest - and finest - light source of all, Solatube opens up a whole new world of natural lighting solutions.

What's the meaning of "state-of-the-art "?
It means 'using the most modern (technology and/or techniques)'.
It means the latest and greatest. The newest and most advanced. It's used mainly in scientific and technological contexts.

There are two other terms that you could use that mean the same thing: "cutting-edge" and "bleeding-edge". The latter term is a play on the former that further emphasises the newness of whatever it is that you're describing.
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Thank you! Zale
Actually bleeding-edge is a play on leading-edge...I think.
I feel so. "leading" and "bleeding" sound more similiar.
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DanyooActually bleeding-edge is a play on leading-edge...I think.
Hah, you're right. From [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bleeding_edge ]Wikipedia[/url]:

The term is formed as an allusion to "leading edge" and its synonym cutting edge , but implying a greater degree of risk: the "bleeding edge" is in front of the "cutting edge".

My mistake. Emotion: big smile
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"bleeding-edge" > "cutting edge" (state-of-the-art)> "leading edge"
It's not referring to risk - it's referring to it being so cutting edge that it you could cut yourself and bleed on its sharpness.
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