Hello everyone,

Glad the find this place. While I live in the country that use english as the secondary language, I work in the field that need to use english quite often. Sometime I have problem, but don't know who can I ask for it. Now I find the place here. Many thanks to all of you who stay here to answer the questions.

Ok, my question: what does "state of the arts" mean. I hear this term many times, e.g., state of the arts maching, state of the arts software. Does it mean "excellent".

Thanks in advance.


This link has several similar definitions and examples, also. This is one definition:

state of the art

the latest and most sophisticated or advanced stage of a technology, art, or science.


So your idea of "excellent" is very close.

It is usually "state of the art" (not "arts")


Welcome to the forum.
Thank you very much Nef, I understand now.

Further question, do you know the story behind this? Does "Art" has anything to do with "the latest development of technology".
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Taken from Wikepedia:

The earliest known usage of the term "state of the art" dates back to 1910 from an engineering manual by H.H. Suplee titled Gas Turbine. It reads, "In the present state of the art this is all that can be done."