What is the meaning of State Senator? Does it mean that every State in US have a Senate?



Every state in the US elects two senators to serve in the US Senate. These are called State Senators.

The individual states also have legislative bodies and in most or all of them, the upper chamber is called the senate. The elected officials serving in that body are also called senators. Here is the Oklahoma Senate website: http://www.oksenate.gov/

anonymousWhat is the meaning of State Senator?

A state senator (note the spelling) is a member of the upper house in the legislature of a state of the USA. The ones in Washington are called simply senators or U.S. senators or United States senators.

anonymousDoes it mean that every State in US has a Senate?

What an excellent question. I had to look it up. No. Forty-nine do, but Nebraska has a unicameral legislature, whose members call themselves senators, anyway.