I have written an authenticity statement for fulfillment of my master's dissertation. I would be grateful if you could comment on it and make any necessary changes to make it sound better.

'I certify that all materials presented here are my own work unless otherwise clearly stated wherever adopted from other sources.'

Thank you very much for the time you put it.

Dear Hrsanei,

I saved this authenticity statement from a PhD dissertation I read recently because I found it to be succinct and professional.

'I certify that all materials presented here are of my own creation, and that any work adopted from other sources is duly cited and referenced as such."

Hope this helps.

Thanks John. That was a good one.
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Burger King is a franchise that specializes in flame-broiled fast food hamburgers. Burger king is the second largest fast food franchise in the United States of America behind MacDonald’s, burger king has 14,000 stores in nearly 100 countries with the Burger king headquarters situated in Miami Florida.

Burger king was started by two men by the names of James W. Mclamore and David Edgerton in 1954. In 1959 they sold their first franchises which assisted burger king in becoming part of the national food chain, in 1963 burger king expanded out of the United States of America with a store in Puerto rico. Unfortunately burger king have been behind MacDonald’s in profitability and sales but burger king went through many changes of ownership and corporate governance and in 1967 burger king was sold to Pillsbury Company which then they brought in the former executive of MacDonald’s where he revitalized and expanded the menu to attract more customers so they could try and gain the edge over their competitors MacDonald’s and to tighten the control of franchisees.

Burger king’s vision is that they aspire to be the most profitable quick service restaurant industry but are currently behind MacDonald’s but aiming to take top position in the future, Burger king uses the franchise system to help themselves grow and expand all over the world, by having great people in the business and the best burgers in the world they aim to attract customers to raise their profitability and to be part of one of the biggest market shares industry. Burger king’s mission is to have reasonable pricing that will attract customers because the food is quality yet it’s still affordable with great service, Burger king focus on having surroundings that are appealing to the customers will always bring them back. Burger kings values internally in the franchises to always be respectful to one another if it is an employee or customer, do everything ethically and morally right in the franchise, always be honest even when you’re wrong and have self-belief to improve and work to the best of your ability to help the franchise as much as possible.

The Community

Burger king benefit night is a project started by burger king to raise funds for their non-profit organizations, the fundraising takes place from Mondays to Thursdays from 4pm to 7pm. How this works is that during that time period the selected organizations will get 20% of sales between the specified hours and the benefit night can be rewarding in more than one way and you’re not just raising funds for your organization but also raising awareness about your organization and its needs.

The Burger King McLamore foundation is a non-profit that aims at the advancement of education around the world, its mission is to make a positive impact on the future with education and providing hardship assistance to those in the burger king family and the foundation is part of the burger king worldwide corporate responsibility and is run by executives and franchisees. This foundation will be sustainable because it’s looking towards the future and how it can benefit the next generation and the company in the years to come to make sure it does not eventually fall but always rise.