Statement of Purpose

Dear Sir or Madam,

From a very young age, I have been exposed to the world of Sports and because of that, I have been passionate about it. The World of Sports not only provides us with so many great moments and emotions but also a lot of career opportunities that can be life-changing. In my school, there was great importance given to sports and I started playing basketball at 10 years of age and that was the crucial moment in my life. But I had to quit playing it as I injured my back and ankles. But I always had a soft spot for it and in general for sports in my heart. I always wanted to make a career into sports whether it is basketball or football. Later in my life, I was introduced to football – the beautiful game in a proper manner and since then my love for this game has kept on increasing. I am so fascinated by football culture in Europe, the football fans, stadiums, and ultras.

My goal after completing this course is to work for sports clubs around the world which will help me stay in touch with the world of sports along with pursuing my career.

I want to do this program because I want to change my career path. I have always been passionate about sports my entire life and now I got this opportunity or I have reached a stage in my life where I consider that passion to change into a career path. I consider an M.A – International Sport and Event management to be the right choice to turn my passion into a career and I am extremely motivated to pursue it.

After considerable research, I am sure that the University of Applied Sciences Europe with its international reputation for excellence and worldwide network of alumni is the best fit for my interests and future career. I want to grow my capabilities to its very limits from the experience which I gained from leading my school and college teams and I look forward to taking this step at the University of applied sciences Europe. The curriculum is exactly what I am looking for as it will give me different options in the field of Sports. Other than this, what I value most is the location, which is Berlin. Being the capital of Germany and the center of the EU, it is also a diverse city where the chances of networking with different kinds of people from all backgrounds are possible and here people take sports very seriously and I am all about that. I am truly impressed by the school's international rankings and curriculum. This ensures that the school will propel my career in the right direction.

I am an outgoing person and very passionate about sports from an early age. I played basketball for my school at the state and national level along with that I also captained the basketball team. I also played basketball at my college at the university level. I also had the opportunity to represent my School in Handball at the state level for a couple of times. After my graduation, I took a gap of six months to help my father at our farm.

I appreciate you considering my application and I would be honored to be part of your M.A – International Sport and event management. I understand that you will attract the best candidates in the field and I am confident that I will flourish in that environment. Studying and working with such highly motivated students will be a great experience and great joy. I look forward to not only gain a qualification in Sport and Event management but to establish a stronghold of my gained knowledge in the field.

I am eagerly waiting for the opportunity!

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