Hi Teachers,

Could you tell me if these explanations can be reduced to something simpler?

a) The verb feel is used to express a physical or emotional sensation. It is not a planned action.

b) The verb hear is used to express a physical reaction. We can hear because we have ears. It is not a planned action.

c) The verb see is used to express a physical reaction. We can see because we have eyes. It is not a planned action.

Thanks in advance
TS, I cannot understand why you are trying to make grammatical explanations more complicated than they are. No one will benefit from explanations like the ones you have provided. Giving students dictionary definitions is fine, but unless they are exceptionally dumb, they can find the definitions unaided. Examples of usage are much more useful and getting a student to use a word in a sentence of their own correctly is the ultimate objective.

a) To feel can be used transitively: He tried to feel his way out of the labyrinth. (That is a planned action.)

b) RHUD: "13. (used interjectionally in the phrase Hear! Hear! to express approval, as of a speech)." (Again, the one that says that has definitely planned it. This usage is very rare, though.)

c) See that the work is done. (Planned, no doubt about that.)

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Hi Cool Breeze,

Thank you for your reply and criticism. Sometimes I get stuck on one idea and I need another point of view.Emotion: embarrassed

My idea was to explain why Stative Verbs can't be used in the continuous. The definitions I'm giving are taken from several books and I put them together. I did it very wrongly and complicated of course.

I guess it is much simpler just to say, 'Some verbs do not express actions. These verbs express descriptions, possessions, senses and physical sensations, emotions and attitudes, and ideas.

Then, just give the needed verbs for the exercises with examples. Of course I should also tell them that there some common exceptions.

Now I understand why nobody answered my question.

I really appreciate your commentaries.[Y]


Thinking SpainNow I understand why nobody answered my question.
I really appreciate your commentaries. Emotion: yes
You're welcome! I hope I didn't sound too harsh. That certainly wasn't my intention. I wrote a hurried reply and I may not have succeeded very well in choosing some of my words.Emotion: beerEmotion: beer

Hi Cool Breeze,

You didn't sound too harsh at all. You were right and your words woke me up. As a result I have another point of view now.Emotion: nodding

As I've said thank YOU for your words.


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