Dear teachers,

Are the following sentences correct ? If yes, in which circumstances can they be used ?

1) “ I am thinking of visiting New York next year.”, does it mean that I have not decided for sure yet ?

2) "I am thinking his name was bill" (possible ? If yes, what does it mean?)

3) "I am wishing I had stayed home!"

4) “I am hoping to take my exam soon.”

5) “I was hoping that there would be a few tickets left for the jazz concert.”

Do you have some better examples where we can combine stative verbs and progressive aspect?

Thank you very much for your help.
1) OK. Yes, you haven't decided for sure yet.
2) OK. Means the same as "I think his name was Bill", but shows more difficulty in remembering the name and less certainty that "Bill" is the correct name.

3) Possible as a somewhat humorous and sarcastic answer to "What are you doing?", said at a party, for example.

4) OK. Slightly more enthusiastic and subjective perhaps than "I hope to ...".

5) OK. Again, slightly more subjective and descriptive than "I hoped that ...".

Thank you very much CalifJim for your clear answers.

Best wishes,