Stay clean
To V.
‘... Me gustas tu…’ Manu Chau

Stay clean as the Amsterdam grass,
Stay clean as lips tasting mother’s milk,
Stay clean as your hair after a Palmolive wash,
Stay clean as in my dream a sunny hill,
Stay clean as sheep after the rain,
Stay clean before the first kiss the girl,
Stay clean as the insulin in the vein,
Stay clean as the sunbathing seal’s fur.
Stay clean as your eyes had been before,
Stay clean as when you lived in the cleanest way,
Stay clean as the pines on the lake’s shore.

Stay clean. Please stay. Stay.


Poems written in front of fireplaces,
fireplaces full of burning love too,
living in fear with you,
kissing your hands missing you,
from love to fear screaming I’m turning,
reciting haiku as I’m burning,
my aborted child turns into burning candle,
my child-faced grandfather’s hands are gentle,
children, genius recite me and mantle.

Look at me just once again, here I’m curling.

In the Garden
On Van Morrison

Bright shining sun, tinkling sky, garden, the sea.
Streamlined glasses, cars. Siamese cats.

Necklace is glaring, cameras, teenage girls in mini skirts.
Veil, Arab sheik, gold watches. Aqua di Gio.

Grey straw hat, dark glasses, white teeths.
Breeze. Gently breeze. Champaigne. Yacht in the distance.

I lay back. Everything has disappeared.
There’s the Garden, the Father, The Son. And you.
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When do you need them for? What do you need them for? I haven't translated a poem in my life.
In the Garden is not a rhyme poem. It's a free one. So just put the sentences in order and poet it.
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I have tried to translate Psicologia and it sounds awful. Would you like me to post it.

Poemas escritos delante de una chimenea,
chimeneas llenas de amor ardiente,
que viven dentro de ti con midedo,
besandote las manos, anorandote,
de amor, de miedo a gritar me giro
recitando haiku estoy ardiendo
mi malogrado hijo se ha convertido en una vela ardiente,
sus gentiles manos se parecen a las de su abuelo,
los ninos, el genio me recita y me arropa

Mirame como aquella ultima vez, aqui me acurruco.

It makes me feel so sad!
Yes, of course. But In the Garden is easier I suppose.
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I have posted it.
" recitando haiku estay ardiendo.." that sounds beautiful
The last line , in the original is" Look at me like that just once again, please."
What do you think? I have changed the last line.
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