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Which phrase whould be correct in US English: "during the patient's stay IN THE HOSPITAL" or "AT THE HOSPITAL"

Thank you!!!
See Post:76945 . If you click on this link, you will find a post regarding in vs at. It explains usage.

Because it was already noted that the person spoken of was a patient, I figured "at" was appropriate.
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at the hospital
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Please correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it so that a doctor is at the hospital (he only works there) and a patient is in the hospital?
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You are deferring to an archived NYTimes article from 1894! In current American English, a patient who has been admitted for an overnight (or longer) stay is usually referred to as "in the hospital." Doctors work at the hospital. A person might have tests done at the hospital, but if he stays overnight he is in the hospital.

(If you mention the hospital by name, it seems to be "at."

--John is in the hospital!

Really, what happened?

-He was in a car accident.

What hospital is he in?

-He's at St. Joseph's.)
TinyPixie, If you can, I think your safest bet is to combine Khoff's suggestion with my own. ( During the patient's stay at St. Joseph's hospital) Or perhaps you could ask a fellow doctor, with whom you are close.
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Actually, looking back over this thread, I find I've been arguing the wrong point. I feel more strongly about the choice of "in" over "at" when the sentence is simply "John is in/at the hospital." In this case, "in" is necessary to indicate that John is a patient rather than, say, a cook or a deliveryman. When the sentence itself explains John's status, the choice of preposition is less crucial, and I must admit that "John is a patient at the hospital..." or "During the patient's stay at the hospital..." actually sound fine to me. And now I see that the original post contained exactly this type of sentence, not the simpler one, and Kimlrobles made precisely this point several posts ago! Emotion: embarrassed
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