Steven Wright

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Tell a man that there are 400 billion stars and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint and he has to touch it.
Incredulity has always been a typical, natural attribute of mankind. Human race is testing everything, what it can in order to discover some rules in the chaos represented by the Earth all the time. I’m not talking only about the bench, mentioned earlier. This inquiry goes deeper. In fact, I believe that if the man was given a chance to count the stars precisely, he would avail it. But since there is no technique enabling man to calculate them, so far, he has to survive without the information. Maybe one day, it will be found, and then our knowledge about the universe will broaden. Curiosity has been the driving force of all the great inventions every time in the human history. Due to curiosity, we have inhabited the furthest ends of the Earth; we have invented electricity, constructed spaceships and many more. Implying the written above, curiosity appears to be an essential prerequisite for any kind of development.
However we, futilely checking everything, sometimes spoil our clothes, at any moment we can discover things, which consequently change the world. Don’t understand me wrongly, I don’t mean that we should every wet bench; I’m attempting to point up the principle behind our enthusiasm for researching everything and finding the answers. The benefits of it prevail over the drawbacks beyond any doubt. Never would I regret dirtying my clothes as a sacrifice to achieve intellectual enlightenment.
In spite of this I’m not a passionate wet -bench –toucher. One should know the bounds between explorer’s zeal and insanity. The border is often set in an obscure way, which offers crazy people an advantage, when they are struggling to look smart. Moreover, the ambiguity demonstrates itself even further. Finally, how do you distinguish a madman from a genius? Difficultly, if even so.
Concluding this argument, I must concede that I’ve gained certain for madmen. Apparently, one can never be sure whether he sees a new Aristotle or only some freak. Therefore I’ll try to get rid of my biases so as not to be unpleasantly surprised, once. Because there can hide very interesting people amongst those madmen and it would be a shame to condemn them beforehand and then be sorry for it.