Some days this was the headline of a certain cricket relaed article. I couldn't figure out the meaning of the "stirling" there. The context was that Ireland cricket team brilliantly won its last cricket game in the world cup.

Please guide me. Thanks.
I think it refers to stirling silver, which is the best silverware.
I hear it used as a synonym for "superior," or "outstanding."

Also the standard of refinement for both silver and gold British coinage.
"Pounds sterling" describes the British pound.
I think it's a pun (a play on words). There is a cricketer (Paul Stirling) who played very well in that game (at the end of the article it says "Stirling is the Man of the Match").

The normal word to mean "outstanding" is (as the previous post says) "sterling", but the pronunciation is the same as "Stirling".

Therefore the headline has two meanings:
Outstanding end to Ireland's campaign.
Paul Stirling end(s) Ireland's campaign.

Ho ho ho. (actually, I'm not sure I really think it's funny).
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Hey, tiny, right on! [Y] I never even spotted the difference in spelling. Thanks! - A.
nice one!
tinyteflteacherI'm not sure I really think it's funny
Puns don't really have to be funny, do they? People in the media, especially sports writers, just want us to know that they're clever.
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Yes, I think you're right (puns don't have to be funny). No one ever laughs when I make them!!!
Thanks a lot, Tiny.
tinyteflteacherHo ho ho. (actually, I'm not sure I really think it's funny).
You are not really sure if it's funny or not, but you still find it funny. Is this what you had in mind? Please let me know.

Best regards
No, I was being a bit sarcastic - I can see that the writer wants me to think it's clever / funny, but sometimes puns really make me laugh, and this one didn't.

My favourite pun is:
"I didn't understand why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me."
This always makes me laugh so much!!!
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