Hello Teachers!

1.He stood first in the race.

2.He came first in the race.

Which one is correct?

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I have never heard (1), Hanuman; perhaps it is a Briticism.

He came first in the race.
He finished first in the race.
He was first in the standings (not a race, but a tournament position).
I agree with MM. As for 1., why not try, "He stood in 1st place", but, then again, my North American intuition tells me that too is ambiguous. It implies (a) he won 1st place, and (b) he won, but the standing was later taken away; e.g., "stood to win", but lost.
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Hello Hanuman

I haven't come across 'he stood first' either.

1.He stood first in the race.

JT: This structure seems to be in use, some use, when it seems to be used more to describe a ranking rather than a "one win" situation.

Douglas, Stephen Arnold. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. ...
... Breckinridge. Douglas won only 12 electoral votes, although he stood second
to the victorious Lincoln in the popular count.

2.He came first in the race.

One possibility - He came in first in the race.
Helloo Teachers!

HE stood First in first class in M.Sc. in 1979.

I found it from www.ecsu.edu/ECSU/AcadDept/MathandCS/dcsengupta/honors.htm

I have just added "He" to comlete it.

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Hello Hanuman,

Thanks very much for the link!

The difference seems to be this:

1. To come first
2. To stand first

#1 is used to describe the winner of a race: 'he came first in the race'.

#2 is used to describe someone's position in a list: 'he stood first in the list of graduates with a first class degree'.

Hello Teacher!

Now I am giving full context of it.

There was a race at school. Many girls took part in that.The auther's(writer of that story) dauther came second in that race.The auther's wife told this fact to her husband.The writer became surprised and he asked a question to her wife.

1.Who stood last?

The answer was "somebody" whoelse.

So I thought that what the answer would be in complete sentence,and wrote

1.He or She stood first or last in the race.

How to write question on she stood first in the class
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