I would like to know if there's any difference in the use or meaning of the words Storey and Floor.
The use of one or the other depends on the type of building? One is more formal?

Is it equivalent to say?

That building is 10 storeys high
That building is 10 floors high


My apartment is at the top floor
My aparment is at the top storey

"first floor" and "first storey" are interchangeable?

We can say: I live in a ten-storied building. Can we also say: I live in a ten-floored building?

Thanks for your time
'Floor' is the interior concept; 'storey' is the exterior concept:

That building is 10 stories high and we live on the 9th floor.
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Note that in British English it's spelt storey and storeys, and at street level it's the ground floor, the next level being the first floor.

In American English it's spelled story and stories, and at street level it's the first floor (ground floor is not used).

I'm the author of the topic. Many thanks for the answers, you've been very clear.