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Guess I should have been more specific, Like where are you from a/s/l all that sort of stuff! Do you have works on the forums?
"A bad day". Do you remember writing it?
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Well I'm off to take a nice hot bubble bath aaaaaahhhh. And to read Merrik, Anne Rice... you gotta love her.
Yeah I remember that! I should have been more wise to the ways of work! lol, I wish I could rummage up some of my really old teenage stuff or at least churn out some new poetry. Emotion: big smile
Gosh, I was going to take a shower. Yes, I read a book by her which I think I quite liked. Don't ask me for the title, because I can't remember the one I am reading right now.
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hehehe well I think i'll actually jump in that bath then. whooooooooosh.. and he runs off