one such as me should exersise more self control
Harmless is my volotile nature yet so passivley harmful
It has the power to create, the power to cry to the heavens
A cry that when channeled can show the path to the stars
but runs the danger of shattering the earth

I love too deepley and analyse too harshly
I must be this untamed violent storm
I must see the streaks of lighting course through my skies
I must let channels of choas reak their havock
then fall on fields of soft green medows

Yet how can I make this all happen within,
It seems perfect to contain it, and let worlds without
take their shapes in more calmy fashion
as I learn to speak my turbulent mind in ways constructed
concise and arful,
To make the world more congrous, so I can live in it harmoniusly

And here's what my nickname on msn is right now.. you might like itEmotion: smile

Stroke my virulent mind with red roses, calming words and gentle carresses.
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What a mysterious poem!
Peter your mind is something that might turn people's hair white... yet it's still fantascticEmotion: smile

keep writing....
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every time I read it I find something new in it. not very musical though.[8]
Yeah true! and it's a little too self analytical Emotion: crying but damnnit when it's the middle of the night and you've had too much coffee, that what u gotta write! Emotion: stick out tongue
I like it the way it is. (confusing, more like prose)
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Hey maj, you're online at the moment then... who are you anyways???
What do you mean? Who are you by the way?
The only thing I know is that I read one of your poems a long time ago.
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