I have written an introduction of a short story, and I really need your opinions about it. Thank you in advance.

The place where I live now does not really reflect it state in past times. It was too far away from being what it is now. It was originally a gloomy, vaccant and a wrinkly dwelling, as described by my great grand-mother,Mama, who was the first settler here. When she was born, and from the first look at her surroundings she thought that she will remain lonely forever. But after a long period, she had the chance to welcome a new guest who became my great grand-father,Papa.Things after went in a disordered manner, soon we welcomed new settlers sooner they disappeared. They were more likely to be visitors than settlers, which made remembering their name a difficult task for my great grand-parents, though they still keep some earlier names like Dodo, Pipi and Mimi. After getting used of this situation, things started to be really strange. Instead of welcoming guests as individuals we had twins like "The Door","To School", "To Bed" and the list was sooner enlarged. The place changed from hideous to crowded, we had million of visitors we had, and longer they stayed we called them neighbors.

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