Outside my window, next to the shed, is a small pretty garden. It really is beautiful, but strange things happen there. Once, on a cold cold morning, I saw
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three dancing postmen - naked except for loincloths and caps. Stranger than that though was
the enticingly exotic aroma eminating from
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a particularly cheerful garden gnome that was propped up on a mound of earth. The postmen were dancing round him and
seemed to be laughing happily at something across
the patio; eighteen very tired
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gnome collectors were watching the postmen with disbelief. The collectors, all members of the IGCA (International Gnome Collectors Association) had just finished an international seminar lead by
Dubya himself !!!! Warm up speaker was Robbie Williams - who, as every self-respecting person knows, is the god of gnome collectors. Robbie however
had not collected a gnome of interest in decades, but was up to his neck in
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