See the rules My favourite word / language game :)Also, no '...' woodward!Emotion: smile And people; lets stay on topic! ya right. (I'll hold the 'cheeses of the world' if you hold the 'kung fu hampsters'. Minutes are the days..
It took 54 seconds for the planet to be destroyed but it all started with a simple
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game commonly played by children which involves
whispering secrets in each other's ears. My secret was the best kept secret in the world.
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I hadn't told anyone yet, but I was about to and it wouldn't be
easy for normal, close-minded people to comprehend its full meaning. But I decided to do it anyway and
I knew it was going to end the world; there were only 9 minutes left.
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I had made my mind up. I had been sent on an important mission and was determined to carry it out. However, i didn't know how to reach him, my mind powers were not working properly due to bad reception conditions.
all of a sudden, distant drums sounded the release of the monkeys, and I knew they would soon be upon me.
I reacted calmy as I could see, not that far away, a massive stall covered with bananas. I breathed deeply and made my way towards it.
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