A girl is sitting by the fire trying to thaw out when a guy comes to her.
Guy: If you'd like, I could rub them for you. Nothing heats up a body like friction.
Girl (chuckles): Wow. I can't believe you just delivered that line with a straight face.
What does the girl mean? She expected the guy to at least smile when he said that
or she can't believe she can be so serious?
She expected him to smile or perhaps to leer.
She expected him to smile because what he is saying is so ridiculous. Surely he couldn't think she would take his suggestion seriously.
Her retort is a mild insult.
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There is a sexual implication in his saying"I could rub them for you".
She knows he has said it in error, and is either deliberately misinterpreting him or is trying to take away the embarrassment by making it a joke.
Feebs, do you think he said it in error? I think it was deliberate--a sophomoric, crudely suggestive "line."
Not enough context to say Emotion: geeked
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DelmobileI think it was deliberate--a sophomoric, crudely suggestive "line."
Well, I don't think the recipient of the remark thought so. It says "chuckles". I think she's interested. Emotion: smile
I think she meant the guy lacked flirting skills. Given the limited context, I also think she is interested. At least she can handle it without feeling offended.