My book (written by a Japanese) says this sentence is really weird.
It is strange that a college student should be ignorant of the fact.

Is it? If so, in what point do you native speakers think it's weird?
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Hi, Taka,

WHAT fact?
Sorry. I don't know.
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Maybe "weird" instead of "strange"?
But really, the sentence doesn't sound "strange" to me...
Hello Taka and Pieanne

It doesn't sound weird to me either; though 'ignorant of the fact' usually continues with a 'that' clause.

Perhaps the writer interpreted 'should' as 'had to be', instead of 'happened to be'.

'MissQ claims not to have known that male visitors are prohibited between the hours of 11pm and 7am. It is perhaps a little strange that a college student should be ignorant of the fact. There are, after all, notices to that effect in every college room. Nonetheless, since this is her first offence...'

You mean Susie, I assume. Oh, the shameless little sl .... No comment.
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Does she provide them with vodka too?

My book says unless I have some sort of 'premise' that a college student should know the fact, I cannot say 'it is strange that...'

Is it true??
Hello Taka

Yes, that's true – we need to be told (or to know) the fact our student is ignorant of, to understand the sentence!

Or – to put it more cautiously – I can't think of a context where we could understand the sentence, yet ourselves be ignorant of the fact.

(I now wait for an ingenious member to provide one.)

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