Hello admins,

How are you?

This is the second time that I shed light on this problem. Whenever I change my photo's profile, I got those random pictures for strangers who I don't know. Sometimes girls, other times men, or just an art picture. I'm positive that those pictures do not come from my device. Now, for instance, there is a photo in my profile for a stranger. It's written by Moonrise. I've just discovered it now. I've never put it, and I don't know those people. I'm sure that those photos are coming from the forum. Because when I noticed this problem in the first time, I saw some of those pictures in the Forum's photos.

but what made those photos come to my profile whenever I inserted a picture? There is something wrong in the functions of the forum.

I'll delete the photo from my profile, but try to look into this problem, please.

      I haven't changed my photo recently. I changed it a few months ago. I've never put a photo of me or any person on the forum so far. I inserted a picture of a book. It's a design that I made. Also, another photo about "New Year".

Thanks in advance.

It is a known bug, but quite harmless.
This software that drives this website is very very old and has a few bugs. Unfortunately, there are no funds for fixing them, especially cosmetic problems. We often just have to apply work-arounds and live with them.

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