What is the difference among "strange, odd, weird and bizarre"? Do the four words all work in the sentence below?

I had a strange/an odd/a weird/a bizarre feeling that something bad would happen in the future.

Yep, they all work, and, without getting into hair-splitting, there is, for me, little difference between them here.
To me, it's just a matter of fairly subtle shades of meaning. To me, "odd" is a bit less strange than "strange", and "strange" is perhaps a bit less weird than "weird". "Bizarre" rather suggests that the feeling was more inexplicable or inappropriate than the "normal" kind of odd/strange feeling.

You might get different answers from different people on this.
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Hi Mr Wordy,
Many thanks for your answer. Could you please explain their difference here?

Thank you.
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It's also a matter of register, odd and weird being of the lower one.
Thank you both Mr Wordy and Marius very much for your answers.
I don't understand what this means?

"...odd and weird being of the lower one."

Marius, could you explain it?

Thank you.
... of the lower register
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Hi Marius,

What does 'lower register' mean here? Could you give an example?

Thank you.
AnonymousWhat does 'lower register' mean here? Could you give an example?

Could anyone answer my question above? Thanks.
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