Google now has Steetview. If you haven't seen it, it is worth a look. There are not many cities available yet. San Francisco seems to have the highest resolution images.

I hope these links work for you. I believe Google applies an IP filter to some countries (bigtime suck), but I believe there is an easy hack to get around this. If your IP is being fitered, post a message here and hopefully someone will provide the hack.

Good luck!

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    June 1, 2007

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    May 31, 2007
  • Good Year Wisdom Posted by Anon
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  • Seinfeld's Diner Posted by Nate
  • Late Show with David Letterman Posted by Nate
  • Middle of Times Square
  • Check out the Waves!

    May 30, 2007
  • Yummy Pizza
  • Grumpy Tool Booth Operator
  • Great Big Bug
  • Cat Napping
  • Minivans are Shrinking!
  • Israel Terrorists Protest
  • Cheap Gas?
  • Missing Part of my Head Today
  • Stanford Girl Emotion: smile
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  • J Walker caught in the act
  • McDonalds Break for the Camera Man
  • Laser in Action
  • Nice Ferrari
  • Alien Eyes - Freaky!
  • This is a Wild Ride
  • Transparent Woman
  • Sitting in the Middle of the Road
  • We Caught You Speeding!
  • Police Investigation in Progress
  • The Headless Person
  • Drive Through Motel - Literally
  • Just saw an accident?
  • Coors Field
  • Hmmm...Nice Ad?
  • Hmmm... Nice Legs?>
  • Found a UFO!
  • Denver Art Museum over the Street
  • The Infamous Apple Store

    May 29, 2007
  • Mr. T's Van!
  • Golden Gate Bridge Ghost Rider
  • Little Man Trapped in a Digger
  • Mutants, Clones?
  • Nice View
  • Not too Happy
  • What's wrong with this picture?
  • Camera Glitch
  • Another Camera Glitch - Looks like Teleportation
  • The Google Team Playing the Part
  • Yahoo on Google
  • Against the Law!
  • For the Guys
  • Golden Gate Bridge Speed Limit = 455 mph
  • Getting a Parking Ticket!
  • Apple on Google
  • Bank Machine Fraud
  • Just Chillin
  • Baby Carrier
  • Las Vegas Strip
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    Tip; Zoom out and use the arrow keys on the image to navigate.
    Wow! That's cool Mike!
    I didn't know there was something like that on Google Maps. I once saw something similar on Live Maps (by Microsoft), but that wasn't very good.
    So it seems Google did a good job. Moving in a city is simple and picture are 360 degrees pictures. It is clear and works well. Good!
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    Am I the only one who doesn't know about these things? Emotion: smile Does that mean that I am able to see my house? Okay, I think I'll try now:P.
    I don't think you are likely to see anything outside the US for a while. So far the camera van/s have only covered sections of four American cities.
    For those who really want to see their own houses now, may I suggest a Google Strolloutside?
    Wow.... this is great!Emotion: surprise
    Thanks for sharing it with us, Mike!! Emotion: wink
    I've enjoyed checking some images of San Francisco!

    BTW, can anyone check "Found a UFO" on May 30 on Mike's list?
    What do you think it is?
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    Don't worry, Candy. That was me testing one of the new... (oops, me and my big alien mouth).

    Na, it is an aberration, probably caused by some bright light source reflecting awkwardly from one of the lens components. I'm not vey familiar with the camera they are using, but getting 360 degree images is a mighty tricky business.
    Why does it appear on only one part of the image? Because the 'shutter' has to start somewhere, 'rotate', and finish back at the same point (or in the same direction). The aberration may not have existed at both 'ends' of the exposure (or scan), due to the time elapsed during said exposure. Such 'seams' are clearly visible on many of the images.
    To make it even more complex, it looks like they are actually constructing composite images from multiple exposures. So, if an aberration exists on one exposure but not an adjacent exposure, it creates weird effects. You will also notice perspective inconsistencies on many images. Go onto the Golden gate bridge and have a look at the way many railings do not 'line-up'.
    Someone with a better knowledge of this type of photography will probably give us a better explanation for these things.

    Considering all the difficulties involved, it is amazing that they get things to look as good as they do.
    Mike In JapanGoogle Strolloutside
    Hello Mike!:)

    What is a "Google Stolloutside"? I copied it and pasted it in Google but..there was nothing, so, does that mean that you invented it?:P
    Ah! I found my house in the maps..but couldn't go nearer..
    Hi, Pucca.

    Sorry. It was an obscure attempt at joking. I meant that if you wanted to see your house, you could simply stroll outside and view your house from there.

    :-) (I think I am probably more funny when I am being serious, than when I am trying to be funny). :-)
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