whats the technical term for a building or .. which is very strong
solid structure ?
solid construction ?

i need an engineering term
i want to say " the strongest building" or sth like this
help me please asap
A building that satisfies the latest California building code (the strictest in the world).
Also, a nuclear blast resistant building (that's real strong).
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Most related terms would be from military applications:

Fortification, fortress, citadel, or (also used metaphorically) bastion (from the invincible Bastille in France).

If the building is underground, then it would be a bunker.

Adjectives: fortified or hardened buildings.
I think I couldent explain what I had in mind.
Actually the word I mean is something which is usually used by architects and can be used for anything which is build by them like buildings, bridges, towers, or etc.
The thing I am talking about is something that is forified and is made of cement, steel beams, ...
I don't know if i am clear or not
OK, there is not any specific name for a general-purpose finished building except the military type terms in my prior post.

You can use words that pertain to either the material being used ( reinforced concrete, hardened structural steel), or, refer to specific building standards and codes that were used in its design and construction. Here are the American standards for steel constructions: http://www.aisc.org/content.aspx?id=2884

There are specific codes for nuclear facilities and buildings in seismicly active zones. There are anti-terrorism standards too.

If a building is "built-to-code" (including design, material selection, construction, inspections, etc.) then it will be safe and strong.

Here is another set of references (at the bottom of the page):

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thank you so much both for your answers and the links
Maybe, redundant design, or over-design.
That is a strong building
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