Who can tell me the difference between structural grammar and TG grammar?
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Structural Grammar describes the grammar of a language based on the analysis of the description of the "structure" of the sentences. TG Grammar, or Transformational Grammar, is a bit more complicated.

By the mid-20th century, Noah Chomsky, who had studied structural linguistics, was seeking a way to analyze the syntax of English in a structural grammar. This effort led him to see grammar as a theory of language structure rather than a description of actual sentences. His idea of grammar is that it is a device for producing the structure, not of langue (that is, not of a particular language), but of competence -- the ability to produce and understand sentences in any and all languages. His universalist theories are related to the ideas of those 18th- and early 19th-century grammarians who urged that grammar be considered a part of logic -- the key to analyzing thought. Universal grammarians such as the British philosopher John Stuart Mill, writing as late as 1867, believed rules of grammar to be language forms that correspond to universal thought forms.

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structural grammar studies the surface structure of a sentence, it analyses only what you see (the real sentence) and TG grammar studies the surface and the deep structure of a sentences, it gives the explanation that we do not see in the sentence. It analyses the sentences with the phrase structure rules and applies transformational rules to get the surface structure again.. I hope you understand this..
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GuestWho can tell me the difference between structural grammar and TG grammar?
How can I compare between them if I want to write a paper since I am studying English language.
hi sir i want the basis rule of english grammer with detail which i want learn or apply when i speak and how to make long sentences , to speak with uses of verbs, plz explain me i want to know the english grammer rule

Sorry, none of us have time to write the complete, detailed rules of English grammar for you. What you need is a good grammar book. Do you have one? Or can you get one?

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The structure "Used to" is used only in past tense to indicate a past habitual action.

It is always followed by an infintive phrase:

I used to turn up early and prepare the lessons

To express the same idea in the present tense, we use frequency adverbs such as always, often, generally, etc.

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Could someone tell me something about, who invented, proposed, defined the structural grammar?

hi! you must read english grammar for you know all the structure of english and it's rules.
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