1. Although (A) most petroleum is produced form (B)underground reservoirs, petroleum occurs in a varieties (C) of forms at the surface (D).

2. In general, novels are thought of extended works of prose fiction depicting the inner and outer lives of their characters.

3. Because (A) it is often dependent of the conditions of (B) crystalization, the composition of the minerals (C)in a rock can be important in determining (D) the rock's geologic history.

4. A major source of rock salt is domes,____ of rock salt embedded in surrounding layers of earth.

(A) are that vertical cylinders

(B) that vertical cylinders

(C) cylinders are vertical

(D) vertical cylinders

5. A linga franca is any auxiliary language, ___ a rudimentary kind, used as a medium of communication between people who speak different languages.

(A) of which usually

(B) which usually of

(C) is usually of

(D) usually of
Please try to answer the questions yourself. We will check your answers.

1. B

3. B

4. D

5. B