Would you say this is a good description of my visit to California or I should change something in structure or grammar maybe

I visited California in July this year. While my stay was mainly confined to Southern California, since my aunt lives there, I did spend a week in the Bay area. One night I went to an Italian restaurant and asked for a wheat beer. The girl waiting on me said she didn't even know what wheat beer was. So I tried to explain by saying it's the cloudy, weedy kind. That obviously helped as she immediately realized that Blue Moon is wheat beer. Anyway during my one week visit to the Bay area I stayed in a little town called Burlingame. It's a nice town which resembles of European towns to a certain extent.It has 2 downtown areas which is strange since normally towns of similar sizes have only one.The town also has a beerhouse or a microbrewery which offers some fine beer produced by them. I remember me and my cousin going there on a Friday night. The place was packed and we had a good time. The next morning was not so good though. I guess you have to know when to stop.

Best wishes
Very good English. Until the regular contributors offer their expert advice, may I mention some minor (unimportant) points: (1) Anyway, during....(2)resemble European towns....(3)areas, which is strange (4)remember my cousin and me (more courteous to mention other people first) (5) not so good, though.