Could you please help me with this. I'm struggleing with the structure and grammar. thank you

1 Pushing your dentist appointment back a month will not only affect the alignment of your teeth but you'll be pushing the end day of treatment back a month. The less you tighten the braces the less staight your teeth become in a shorter timeframe.

2 My big purchase didn't go unnotice. I felt it. It set me back and really hurt my budget.

3 The jury will pick who they think is the best and wins.

4 He decided to stop using his CB for a week as he didn't know where he was at financially. As everytime you use your CB, the bank doesn't take the amount into account, so your balance is more than it should be.

If I had to pick one player to be American, I'd say it was him who's from the US.

thank you
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There's nothing wrong with mind games, but I think it's a bad idea to misuse "actual" when you're messing with somebody else's money.
Obviously, but if you're talking about your own money.

I don't know if you think this sentence is correct?
the underlined bit?

But like you say I'm trying to convey what is going on in the mind.

hypothetically, if you were talking about your own money could you say this?

Your balance reads/is/shows more than you actually have in your account.

All I want to know is if you could use either "read is show" like that in a sentence?

Thank you
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The underlined expression is correct.

The use of "reads" and "shows" is correct in your sentence. Only "actually" is incorrect.

(The readout/printout correctly shows/reflects your actual balance (the money which is in your account).

What's actually in your mind is between you and God.

You may or may not have knowledge or information which may or may not affect your balance at some future time.
You may have set processes in motion which may affect your balance at some future time.

Someone, a machine, a postal clerk, a bank teller, the person who opened the envelope with your check to the company you owe money to; may have messed things up, so the money that is actually in your account day after tomorrow will not actually be what you actually think it is.

If the computer makes a mistake and puts two million dollars in your account, then that's what's in your account - until somone wakes up and changes it.
Of course if you spend the money they may want it back. Emotion: big smile

Someone may look at the figure and say, "That can't be right! You can't actually have that much in your account!

Then you have an interesting argument.