Please correct my English here.

Student - why are you late today sir?

Me - I am late because I did not take the usual way to your home, I took the other which basically goes by my house and, I also stopped by there to carry out a simple task.

What are the other ways to say that?

"my home doesn't fall that way"

"My home doesn't come that way"

I know both are wrong please state some ways to say that.


You only need this:

It took longer than usual because I had to stop by my place on the way here.


Liton DasWhat are the other ways to say that?

Don't mix up "house" and home". Here, you mean your (and his) house, place, flat, but not home.

Your house wasn't on the way.

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Ok, but can I not say "my house wasn't by the way I usually pick to come your house for tutoring"

I am a private tutor and here I would like to say that I took the other way, on which my house is and I had to stop by there for a moment to take the umbrella with me to deliver that to that student. This is the whole reason for being late to reach at his house.

Had this situation be prevented from happening, only if I not forgot to take the umbrella with me when I left house to finish 5 tutoring in a row.

I forgot the thing suddenly at the end 2nd person's tutorial session, I remembered that I have someone else's umbrella, which I was given to on a rainy night but being a careless person I had been keep forgetting to return the umbrella until this happened.

In this whole explanation planation please mark up the errors if possible I want to take some notes of it. Thank you.