Is there any difference between "study" (n.) and "studying" (n.) in meaning ?

Excuse me if the question is strange. But I found these two words together with different meaning in some books and I can't differentiate between their meanings. Here is the state of the author (Howard Richman) "FIND YOUR STUDYING, STUDYING HABITS AND STUDY HABITS. STUDYING METHODS, STUDY METHOD. GET MORE STUDYING AIDS AND STUDY AIDS ALONG WITH LEARNING GUIDES, LEARNING AIDS AND TUTORING TOOLS."

"Studying" is the present participle form of study. The difference is mostly how the words are used grammatically.
SORRY Vorpar,

I ment "study" and "studying" both are nouns.

I need the difference between them in meaning not in grammatical position, as they are present in the state of the auther I mentioned before.

Thank you for your answer.