Hey, i'm new here. My name is Tim and I got this forum from a friend of mine. He told me that this might help me with the problem i got. I have a brother that is 16 years old and i'm 23( in the US Army). He needs help with his english. The teacher gave him the study guide, but no answer on it. So i ask him to give the study guide to me and i'll help him with it. Well, since i'm busy soo much on school and my job, it's impossible for me to do this. I was wondering if you have some time and help me with this problem. I really appreciate it. Here's the problem.

Language Art:

A. apostrophe
B. Synonym
C. noun or pronoun
D. quotations mark
E. Adjective
F. verb or verb phrase
G. abbreviation
H. antonyms
I. root word.
J. proper nouns
K. Verb
L. action and linking
M. gerund
N. adverb
O. gender
P. subject
Q. Nomniative, object and possessive
R. Predicate nominative
S. Present, past and future
T. direct object.
U. prepositions
V. appositive
W. Object of a preposition

1.____ The subject of a sentence may be what part of speech?
2.____ States what the subject does, is or has in a sentence.
3.____ Sometimes called the simple predicate
4.____ The main part of a without any affixes.
5.____ Two kinds of a Verb.
6.____ What moddifies noun or pronoun?
7.____ What follow a linking verb or action verb?
8.____ The simple tense of verb.
9.____ Follow a preposition.
10.____ Tells more about another noun.
11.____ Answer "what?" or "whom?"
12.____ who or what the sentences about.
13.____ The three cases of personal pronoun.
14.____ personal pronoun have number, person and what?
15.____ Usually modifies a verb, but can sometimes modify an adjective.
16.____ show relationship between it's object and some other word in a sentence.
17.____ A participle that end in "ing" and functions as a noun.
18.____ needed to form possessive nouns and contractions.
19.____ Capitalized because they are particular person, places, and things.
20.____ A short way of writing a word consisting of some of the letters in the word followed by a period.
21.____ Used to show where the exact word of a speaker begin and end.
22.____ Opposite meaning.
23.____ A word that is similar to another in meaning.

That's it. Hoooha.
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Hi Matrix,

IMHO, passing the answers to your brother wouldn't help him to improve his knowledge in English, although you have a good intention.It is better let your brother give a try.

Please don't post questions twice.

Thanks, Clive
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RishonlyHi Matrix,

IMHO, passing the answers to your brother wouldn't help him to improve his knowledge in English, although you have a good intention.It is better let your brother give a try.

he does'nt have that much times and why would teacher just give out a study guide without answer? that just loosing time rite there.

Perhaps the teacher wanted him to spend some time trying to think about it.

Best wishes, Clive
hey if u have the answers to this study guide i could really use the answers too. my braind are busting. i tried looking for the answers on my own but i cant find any.
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Are there some that you can try to answer? If not, then really you might be better off waiting until later to deal with this kind of thing.

First things first.Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
Hi matrix ,Im looking for the same answers to these questions

I have some but not all of the answer, I'm not sure if it's the right answer

can you help me?
Hi matrix ,I have the same question and have no study material ,I have some of the answers but don't

know if the answers are or wrong can you help me?

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