Hi I don't know where to post this, but i am an English student in Jakarta. Where can I study TOEFL in Jakarta? are there any members from Jakarta on English Forums? thank you
Try English Today for TOEFL classes Jakarta, English Today website <url removed by mod> good luck, yes I am from Jakarta, thx Ria
I'm also from Jakarta. I think there's a few anak2 jakarta on this forum!

Loads of schools do toefl courses. Before i went to study in the States i found Aim's website and took a course with them. It's <url removed by mod> . Teachers were really good. They also have an iBT Toefl simuation test, if you want to know what your level is now.

Good luck!
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Jakarta English Courses is the place in South Jakarta for English learning. I know that they have specialist TOEFL teachers who have already taken the test. So they really know what they are teaching as opposed to my earlier TOEFL lesson experiences. You are taught a particular skill for the test each week. I have included a link here <removed by mod>>

Good luck with your TOEFL study Emotion: smile
For native English teachers who come to come to your house or office, it is better to call English Today. Just google English Today Jakarta and you will find their website. They are not as expensive as some other courses and the teachers are really good, young and knowledgable.
Jakarta needs a good TOEFL blog advising students on how to take the TOEFL test
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You can find English Today by typing Jakarta English Courses and Business English Jakarta, they provide a great service because seem to gather Jakarta's elite teachers. I was taught by Mr. Joe who used to work at Wall Street and he is awesome. My presentation skills improved a lot and I thank Joe for my promotion.
Try http://english-today-jakarta.com they have great teachers. You can see their teachers on this youtube video
Thank you for sharing this, it look great! I will call English Today Jakarta because they have lots of great teachers
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