Once a friend of mine told me a funny story, which has happened in a big department story when she was looking for a blouse because she would have a meeting that night. There were a lot of blouses there. Then she noticed someone near her, but she didn’t look at her face. She thought it would be a salesclerk and she continued looking the blouses. Then she found one that she liked and asked the salesclerk, “I liked this one, what do you think?” She did it without look at the person, cause she was very distracted. No answer from the salesclerk. She thought: “Those people are always in a bad mood; they never do their duties very well.” She didn’t get annoyed because that and didn’t stop her search for a right blouse. Then she said, in a loud voice, without look at salesclerk’s face again, because she was still distracted with the blouses - “oh! This one is perfect! Isn’t it? How much is it? ” No answer again – now she became angry, and finally looked at the salesclerk’s face and said in an annoyed loud voice: “You are here for what – I’m not a shoplifter; may you answer my questions, please?” Then she noticed that the salesclerk looked like her. At this moment my friend’s face became like a red chili pepper. She looked around and thanks God because nobody was watching her. Then she quickly took the blouse and went to the cashier to pay it. She thought: “I’m mortal tired or distracted that I was talking with me reflex ion in a stupid mirror!

Stupid or funny?
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id say it was both funny and stupid .. mostly funny though! Emotion: smile
Both funny and stupid. Shows what circumstances will do to you!

Would pass for a great dumb blonde joke though Emotion: smile

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Neither. I't just stunny! Emotion: big smile


P.S.: Sounds better than fupid. [H]
c'mon Jacopo isnt it funny??Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
Not at all. As I've said before, it's just stunny! Emotion: big smile

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Emotion: stick out tonguejust funny
YoHfNeither. I't just stunny! Emotion: big smile


P.S.: Sounds better than fupid. [H]

I liked the new word "fupid". It's sound like a bad word.
OK, then. I'll go for fupid!
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