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McGuinty to students: Expect hike in tuition


Ontario's 400,000 college and university students will face a tuition hike next fall, Premier Dalton McGuinty has confirmed — although it is not clear by how much.

In a speech yesterday to students at Carleton University in Ottawa, McGuinty conceded fees will rise in September 2006 when the province's two-year tuition freeze ends.

"Yes, and the price of milk, bread, rent, mortgage, houses will go up. The issue is by how much," said McGuinty, whose government is consulting with the post-secondary community this fall as it decides what sort of tuition policy to adopt when the freeze ends.

"I know you would like me to promise tuition fees will never go up again and, in an ideal world, I would love to be able to do that but I can't. I have to live in this world," said the premier, who has four children in university.

Some suspect Queen's Park will come out with a plan in late December to allow fees to rise at the rate of inflation.

But the Canadian Federation of Students slammed McGuinty for stating fees will go up at all, before hearing all the input from colleges and universities.

"McGuinty promised to work with students to come up with an acceptable tuition fee framework to ensure the disaster of (former Premier) Mike Harris-style fee increases would not be repeated," said Jesse Greener, president of the federation in Ontario, where some fees tripled under Harris.

"Students and their families need to know if the consultation process is just for show," Greener said.

McGuinty has said before that, while fees will rise, it will be only by a "moderate" amount because his government already has given higher learning a record $6.2 billion fix over the next five years.
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