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in things that end with "izzle" its just something we put at the end of any word. So if i wanna say "come over here" i would say "come over hizzle" or "whats up nizzle" meaning "whats up ***" or "i had to take a shizzle" meaning "i had to take a ***"........... u get my point. bling bling means a type of chain or braclet that really shines or "blings"
wow.....are you serious? those words that they make up are just stuff that they think is funny to say. seriously, how many of you have stupid words or phrases that u say with your friends? i do! its funny, but i agree, they do take it too far. alot of the time, they realize that they can get people to say these things just because they here some celebrity say it. (ex: lil' jon said in some interview that he was going to start the next new big thing: saying "to the white meat" , meaning that you were goin to get hit so hard that your wound will go down to the white meat, your brain. a few weeks later when his crunk juice cd came out, theres a whole song deicated to that phrase. isnt that stupid? all these mainstream "rappers" worry about is material gain, their own egos and making stupid people say stupid things. by the way, dont think that all rap is about killing, sex, drugs and money. theres alot more out there then most people realize. if people would just turn off the radio and mtv, then they would see that theres more to hiphop as a culture then that mainstream crap. (haha, hiphop in itself is just another one of those funny words that started out as a joke, now look where its at).
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Hi all,
Im a black american and was searching the net and came across this site.
I must say that what some of you are saying about our slang is terrible.

Maybe if you had something against how we talk and how we rap, you should shut it out completely.
I have heard of other countries & their people tryng to walk our walk and talk our talk, don't you agree....?
We have come up with wierd sayings... YES... but alot of other people follow in our footsteps. Look at Eminem for example, hes a white brother rapping black lyrics.
Hip Hop & RnB was created by the black people, guns, rape, being a gangsta and coming from the Bronx is all part of our life.. that is the way we were brought up, that is why it is shared through the music of our people.

Something you should think about
thats totaly right
Yer he's right
Its their choice to talk that way, we can't incriminate them for that
I'm wit u bro
or as they say
"Fo schizzo ma nizzo"
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Well you know, if my Grandad had invented rap people might be complaining about what "T'was wick wi' mokes" or "pu t'wood in 'tole" meant. But you're not, because he didn't.

Still, even to me those phrases sound more stupid than "Fo shizzle ma' nizzle". That's because West-Yorkshire slang is all but dead and rap is still alive.

Slang is always going to be both confusing to those unfamiliar to the culture it was born of, and, as commonplace to those that use it as 'normal' language. That's why when my dad tells me to "pu t'wood in 'tole" i know to shut the door, whereas when I say it to my London-born flatmate he looks at me as if I've just become retarded.

Slang is, in my opinion, as valid as any other part of a language. It is what dialects evolve from, and dialects are what separate languages evolve from.
there is nothing wrong with a little slang. everyone has a few words and phrases in thier vocabulary. but you should know what is slang and what is proper speak. excessive use of slang outside your peer group tells people that you are ignorant and lazy. if you made it to high school (or even junior high!) then you have no excuse why you can't speak correctly. and *** of what comes out of your mouth should be correctly used REAL words. it's important to be understood when speaking! you aren't communicating otherwise.
It doesent matter about the words they speak, i mean anyone can say anything they want to and if people take it offensively or think its stupid do sumtin about it. But be careful of the words you speak cuz there can be consiquences, thats what basically im saying.
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Hip Hop is often misunderstood.... i agree with the @#$%^&* words but:

there are other hard working artists, that are lyrically profound that are unseen. underground hip hop MC's are actually quite knowledgable and have very elevated vocab. heres a tip:
listen to immortal technique, jean grae, jedi mind tricks, necro, ill bill and others. they are unlike this commercialized *** on the radio.
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