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watch out for my maddalion my diomonds are reckless feels like a midget hanin from my necklace!
I think rap music in general puts black people in a bad light. People from poor backgrounds with poor education living in deprived areas with high crime rates is surely not something us white middle class folk should celebrate. It only re-inforces the class divide and racial stereotypes which is negative. The media certainly don't help things either, but then the medium could be used more effectively to highlight the problems in some of our communities. Trouble is, the politicians and the ***' po-lees don't listen !! I like a lot of rap music, but only when it has something to say other than glorifying violence. OK, I'll get off my soap box now ..
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I agree that rap music is putting blacks in a bad light, and like somebody said early there are those who actually rhyme different words instead of recycling rhymes to the point where they just suck, for example "...you know......yo..." (how many times have I freaking heard that?!"). Something about mainstream rappers though--just 'cause you're mainstream doesn't mean you're fake and you suck, it's just that the majority of them do (I mean, they're mainstream for a reason. They can't all suck). These intelligent ones include Jay-Z, Nas, Eminem, Kanye, and Twista, among others....

However, I really hate all those "Bad" rappers who think they the "shiznit" and they got everything "down." People who overuse black slang (fo shizzle-- i mean, have you ever heard Pac use that? Even Jay doesn't use it a lot, while 50 is saying fo sheezy every other minute. Christ) should not be considered rappers. THIS not-so-nice group is headed by the wonderful, 13-year-old-fan attracting 50 Cent, along with people like L'il Jon, Murphy Lee, Ludacris.......

How many times have you heard crap like this before?

there s a hot flame burning inside of me,what couled this be, some say im a G tripple Og how could this be,what the *** is this life for me as a G, gG unit you aint got *** on me and iam not joking, so dont do the provoking.or you and you homes might start chokeing on the end of my gun, and you wount be able to run ,you might just become able to stay stable as me and my homes are left dancing around the kitchen table. you see when iwas in school,I use to think skiveing off school was cool and i rule cause i was breaking all the ralls, kids dont waste your time education is at its prime insted of like me on crime watch tv
The police want to frame me push the blame on me. why could this be i used to smoke, toke on a big fat spliff, what the *** the police just handle this tiff tiff with knowlsey's left and a right fist. i'l b the first to blast if u really wanna cross my path now that im labelled as the psychcopath BLAST BLAST

ok not to be rude, however, just because you don't understand something doesn't make it stupid. It all has meaning. Most rap lyrics are pretty deep if you understand it. It's like the Chinese language,for example, just because you don't understand it doesn't make it stupid!
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LilbitI know what you mean the bob, I am thinking it is the same thing with all the rapper music. But that is just me LOL Emotion: smile.
I have determined the formula for "izzle" words. What you do is take a word, find the first vowel in the last syllable and cut all the rest off the end. If after you crop the word you have two vowels at the end (ex: paint -> pai) then crop the word further to have only one vowel at the end (ex: pai -> pa).

Then simply put "zzle" at the end and there you have it. An "izzle" word!

EXCEPTIONS! You remember almost every aspect of English has an exception right? Well "izzle" class is no diffrent!

1. If you word ends with a 'y' then simply change the 'y' to an 'i' and add "zzle".

2. If you have a word like "delicious" where the 'cious' is pronounced 'shuss' then change the 'cious' to 'shious' prior to izzlfying it and continue with the process.

Thing = Thizzle

Baby = Babizzle

Motorcycle = Motorcizzle

Supercalifregalisticexpialldocious = Supercalifregalisticexpialldocizzle

I think this has been the most worthless waste of my time ever but it gives something for people to chuckle about for 5 seconds then forget about it forever. Hope you enjoyed!
shizzles means shit durrrEmotion: angry
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Like, that may be how you were brought up... but obviously you wernt brought-up very well.

You seem to be about the only one who seems to think he said something derogitory... he did'nt.

Just what the woords meant.. the translations.

So get over yourself && your heritage && learn we're all the same.

Why is there a Negro Colleg Fund but no Caucasion College Fund, or Asian College Fund?

Negro's get so much stuff, that most, don't deserve!

I'm not racist.

I'm just ticked that you thing all of us are.

Get over yourself!
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