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i dont think that some rap music is stupid,

just when they make up words that mean nothing and are pointless to my life is when i think its stupid

hey girl heyyyyy
shizzle means sure and nizzle means nigga. 
it's not that complicated if you listed to it as a whole
fo shizzle my nizzle = for sure my nigga
and it's not just rappers that use bling bling and if you haven't heard that or know what it means then i have to wonder if you've been getting out of ur house a lot. although that word kinda died out. 
but it's like jewlery really flashy kinda. like chains and stuff. "i got the bling bling"
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Eminem writes his own songs, so he's technically rapping "white lyrics". Oddly enough, a great deal of hip hop/pop artists these days have their songs ghost written by professional songwriters of all colors, so you can often find Black artists rapping lyrics written by a White, Asian, Hispanic, or Black individual. Art belongs to everyone equally and no one solely. Further more, when debating the stupidity of slang, it's important to leave racial implications out, as culture, not race, is the main influencing factor on the slang of any language. To say inner city culture is all black would be to deny that anyone of any other race either lives in or subscribes to inner city culture.

Most rappers just say something then rhyme with it then say it really really fast so they can have people can guess what the said and nobody has time for that

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