Sub- "An issue on joining date "

"Since I am having personal important work, Unfortunately, I am unable to join as per your said date(on the offer letter). Please reschedule it to 26/01/2018."

Please suggest this sub(Any alternative would be suitable for this scenario) and content in a formal.


Here are a few comments.

Where I live, we don't abbreviate the word 'subject'. It's already a short word.

Where I live, we don't talk about a joining date. We talk about the date I am to start work.

Where i live, we usually say eg Dear Mr Smith, using the name of the person who wrote you the offer letter

Your letter needs to be a lot more apologetic. Don't make it sound like your personal work is more important than working for your new employer.


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Thank you for your opinion. However, Would you mind do you have any formal samples of this concern?

How about this?


You need to decide on the level of politeness that you want. eg Indian English seems excessively polite in Canada,, but that is what the norm is in India.