Hello Sir,

I have to write subject and predicate of some senetnces.I have understood the concept of subject and predicate, But still there are some confusion. I want your help to clear these confusion.

1. I often go to school.

In this senetnce subject is "I" and rest of the part of the sentence "often go to school" is predicate.

Now my question is that the adverbs which come before a verb is part of predicate?

2.There is a fly in the cup.

Is "there" a subject? or "a fly" subject"

Note: When I access this web site, my internet exploreer says that it has performed illigal opeartion and shutdown. This is not true any other web site.It working fine with other web sides. This problem is occuring since you have changed the look of this web site. I am using Internet explore 5.0. Do I need explore 6 or higher to access it.

I'm siding with you, Goldmund.
Dear Hanuman_2000,

It is an interesting question. Perhaps «there» is the subject. Perhaps the rest is the predicate as subjective complement.

I hope a moderator may tell us.

Kind regards, Emotion: smile

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